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Atonement Creating Unions por Godfrey Kesari

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Atonement Creating Unions por 
                        Godfrey Kesari

Atonement Creating Unions por Godfrey Kesari

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El autor de este libro es

Godfrey Kesari



Why did Jesus die on the cross? Does the atonement have any spiritual significance? This book is a bold and imaginative endeavor to make atonement theology rational, in a fresh way, in our interreligious world.Seeking connections between Christian and Hindu thinking in order to create hermeneutical bridges, Godfrey Kesari aims to open up creative ways of reimagining the doctrine of the atonement, which is so central to the Christian message. Kesari retains the particularity of the unique events embracing the life, suffering, and death of Christ while linking clearly to the more universal considerations that are encountered within Visistadvaitic Hinduism. These explorations in turn contribute to a new way of seeing the Christian revelation.This is a ground-breaking work that attempts to find a way of treating and defending the centrality and theological significance of the atonement with contextual relevance.

Acerca de Godfrey Kesari

Godfrey Kesari is the Vicar of the Holy Innocents Parish Church, Southwater, UK.

Datos del libro
Wipf and Stock Publishers 2019

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