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Can I tell you about Depression? por Susan Martin

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Can I tell you about Depression? por 
                        Susan Martin

Can I tell you about Depression? por Susan Martin

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El autor de este libro es

Susan Martin



Part of the Reading Well scheme. 35 books selected by young people and health professionals to provide 13 to 18 year olds with high-quality support, information and advice about common mental health issues and related conditions.Meet Julie – a women who suffers from periods of depression. Julie and her family help readers to understand what depression is, what it is like to feel depressed and how it can affect their family life. She explains how coping with depression can sometimes be very difficult but there is support and help available that can relieve the feelings of depression.This illustrated book is an ideal introduction to depression – a condition that can be particularly difficult for children to understand. It is suitable for readers aged 7 upwards and shows family, friends and anyone who knows someone affected by depression how they can offer support.

Acerca de Susan Martin

Susan Martin holds the Donald G. Herzberg Chair in International Migration and serves as the Director of the Institute for the Study of International Migration in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Dr Martin also directs the university’s Program on Refugees and Humanitarian Emergencies. Her publications include A Nation of Immigrants, Women, Migration and Conflict: Breaking a Deadly Cycle; The Uprooted: Improving Humanitarian Responses to Forced Migration; and numerous monographs and articles on immigration and refugee policy.

Datos del libro
Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2015

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