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Garden State por Horst Bredekamp

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Garden State por 
                        Horst Bredekamp

Garden State por Horst Bredekamp

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El autor de este libro es

Horst Bredekamp


GARDEN STATE – Cinematic Space and Choreographic Timeis the third issue of the SAC JOURNAL and explores the garden as a utopia wherein time and space may be thought of in archi- tectural terms yet not easily deciphered against architecture’s traditions and practices. The garden herein is a changeable and vulnerable condition, embodying the ephemerality of life, which in turn contrasts with the customary expectations of architec- ture’s longevity. However, Garden State also engages with the contemporary arts, specifically video, cinema and ballet, and with it time and space open up with new, fragile dimensions. A choreographic framework emerges which is at once more precise yet loose, more responsive yet open, than that space architecture normally engenders. Choreographed movement differs from that prescribed by the calculable paths so often invoked in the spatial syntax of latter-day architecture. The garden emerges as a state, in all its social glory, a realm that we already occupy but perhaps never can own?Contributors to this issue include: Daniel Birnbaum, Horst Bredekamp, William Forsythe, Hu Fang, Douglas Gordon, Damjan Jovanovic, Sanford Kwinter, Philippe Pirotte, Louise Neri, Tobias Rehberger, Julia Voss, Mark Wigley and Johan Bettum. Also included are the three finalist projects for 2014 SAC AIV Master Thesis Prize.

Datos del libro
AADR – Art Architecture Design Research 2016

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