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God Is Going to Marry You por S.Stephen Ph.D Mogagabe

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God Is Going to Marry You por 
                        S.Stephen Ph.D Mogagabe

God Is Going to Marry You por S.Stephen Ph.D Mogagabe

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El autor de este libro es

S.Stephen Ph.D Mogagabe



S.Stephen Jr. asks, who is this wife of God? In the end, Stephen’s message is clear: You are the Wife of God! As you read this epigrammatic reality, brace yourself for a lifetime love-invitation experience. This colossal knowledge challenge husbands and leave wives renewed and talking. This is more than a romantic journey, but a true life worth all pursuit. You can’t wait, but want be married by GOD! Your kids will enjoy reading this epitome of truth, and your grandchildren will learn from it. Surely this is a passionate and life enriching journey of GOD with his wife. Experience how He will enfold you with His unfailing love as you accept the call to be thee «WIFE of GOD», the person He created you to be. THE BEAUTIFUL ONE! God’s wife does not wear like prostitutes who attempt to look ‘hot or sexy’ in order to impress blind enslaved-clients, peers or old buddies. She is not playing the ‘look at me game’ to entice her husband. Instead she is accepted by faith in the saving husband mentioned herein. She does not need to show her cleavage and thighs to be loved and attended to. GOD’S wife does not need wigs which scream loud out «my hair is failing out». God’s wife does not wear braided hair. She does not appear tardy for her wedding. She does not wear weaves on her head. Women with weaves, braided hair, and wigs pat and pound their heads when their scalp starts itching. You will never find God in a store purchasing a wig or hair extension for her beautiful wife. God’s wife does not have cancer and HIV/AIDS virus! God loves his glorious wife and will never deprive or rape her! God rest between the breasts of his wife! God’s wife calls him- darling and charming. God and his wife are an eternal family and marriage.S.Stephen Jr., the host of the nationally syndicated The Internal Church Atheist Show, and founding president of Stephen Ministries; can’t count the number of effective disciples he has trained over the years, whether it’s through face-to-face interaction and teaching segment of his program or while on tour for his itinerary gospel ministry. These are disciples who can run a small business, keep a household with three or more kids in tiptop shape, and chair a church group all at the same time. Yet when it comes to relationships, they can’t figure out what makes God love and choose to marry them forever. Why? According to Stephen it’s because they’re asking wrong people for advice when no one but God can tell them how to find and keep God as their eternal husband. In God is Going to Marry You, Stephen lets all women, men and children inside the mindset of God and sheds lights on the concepts and questions such as:* GOD’s Fiancée* God’s Wine, God who dwells between the breast* Who will God get married to?* Which God is Getting Married to You?* Where will GOD Celebrate His Marriage?* Who is invited to the Wedding of God? * Is God a Homosexual? Will he marry lesbians and gays?* How does God look like? * The kind God will not marry?* Where will God’s wife live after her marriage?* What happens when you refuse to marry God?* And more …

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