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ReAwakening por Dr. Bobby M. Wagner

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ReAwakening por 
                        Dr. Bobby M. Wagner

ReAwakening por Dr. Bobby M. Wagner

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El autor de este libro es

Dr. Bobby M. Wagner



Within the pages of this book is life-giving water for a church and a people that often don’t know they’re thirsty. Despite technological, theological, and sociological advances and the ability and platform to spread the Gospel like never before, the church of Jesus Christ continues to lose effectiveness and become divided over theological and doctrinal issues. This is because it has lost its identity, an identity characterized by God’s love, power, joy, purpose, and meaning, an identity reflecting God’s glory to a fallen world. The question is, how do we get back to the place where God intended us to be?Although God wants us to move on to maturity, sometimes we have to lay again the foundation. ReAwakening: The Power of the Gospel reminds us of the basics. With so many Christians fighting over correct doctrine, this book presents our Christian doctrinal foundation. Why are we here? What is our identity? What is the Good News? What do we need to do to be saved? Pastor and author Dr. Bobby Wagner answers all of those questions and more. ReAwakening clearly attempts to present all the theological and doctrinal truths surrounding the Gospel.

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Dove Christian Publishers 2020

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