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Redemption and Relationship por Andrew C. Witt

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Redemption and Relationship por 
                        Andrew C. Witt

Redemption and Relationship por Andrew C. Witt

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El autor de este libro es

Andrew C. Witt



Redemption and Relationship is an edited collection of essays written by Wycliffe College faculty, originating as homilies within the morning prayer chapel service. Each meditation follows the narrative in the book of Exodus, centering on two principal aspects of Israel’s experience with Yhwh during this significant period in its national life: their redemption from Egypt and their discovery of Yhwh’s identity through their relationship with him. At the end of each meditation the reader will find several questions which help facilitate further reflections for one’s devotional life or a small group setting.

Acerca de Andrew C. Witt

Andrew C. Witt (PhD, University of St. Michael’s College) is an adjunct professor at Wycliffe College in Toronto, ON, and has taught courses on the Psalms, the Old Testament, and Biblical Hebrew.

Datos del libro
Wipf and Stock Publishers 2018

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