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Band Saw por Simonds Manufacturing Company

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Band Saw por 
                        Simonds Manufacturing Company

Band Saw por Simonds Manufacturing Company

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Simonds Manufacturing Company



The Steel. When one considers that the modern band saw travels at the speed of about one and one — half miles per minute — or faster than the fastest express train — that in connection with its width it is extraordinarily thin, one will have some idea of the strain to which it is subjected, and a better conception of the wonderful quality of the steel that has made the production of these saws possible. The band saw which remains today in practically the same form as when invented is still the last word in saw efficiency. It is in the perfection of a suitable steel to withstand the successive bending and straightening while in Operation, the making of a proper joint or braze, and the improvement in the form of the teeth that modern advances have been made.’

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