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Behind the Pendulum por Cristóbal Schilling Fuenzalida

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Behind the Pendulum por 
                        Cristóbal Schilling Fuenzalida

Behind the Pendulum por Cristóbal Schilling Fuenzalida

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El autor de este libro es

Cristóbal Schilling Fuenzalida



The renowned psychologist and specialist in hypnotherapy Cristóbal Schilling collects in thisbook seventeen years of professional experiences transmitting here, in an accessible tone,stories of patients who come to his consultation in search of a last option to solve their problems.It is the human’s moment in his most personal and intimate facet.The author demystifies hypnosis showing how this technique is able to help patients with panicattacks, depression, sexual dysfunctions and phobias, among many other dysfunctions.They are stories with different characteristics helping us to understand the true capacity thehypnosis option has and the benefit it can bring the human being.»In many occasions, people have asked me about stories have occurred during my work with patients.People are interested in, and intrigued by the theme. At last, through a common thread andpreserving my patients’ identity I have compiled some of these stories in this book aimed toserve others.» Cristóbal Schilling

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Cristóbal Schilling 2020

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