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Concept por Bo Bennett

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Concept por 
                        Bo Bennett

Concept por Bo Bennett

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El autor de este libro es

Bo Bennett



Maybe you were born to Christian parents and raised as a Christian. Or maybe you are just a part of a Christian nation.  You might have attended church regularly, or maybe just on special occasions.  If asked, you say that you believe in God, but you really never thought about what that means exactly.  You are a well-educated person who accepts the idea of Biblical miracles, but only the more «reasonable» ones.  You have read some of the Bible, mostly just parts of the New Testament, but never committed to reading the Bible cover to cover.  You are a good person who admires the many «Christian values» as demonstrated by Jesus Christ.  But something does not feel right. * Science tells us that the universe is 13.7 billion years old, but the Bible tells us it’s 6,000 years old.* Science tells us life is the result of emergent properties in combined molecules, and we have evolved from a very primitive life form, but the Bible says that God made us, as is, from dust, and blew life in our noses.* You see a world where little bunnies burn to death in forest fires, and wonder why an all-good and loving God would allow such a thing to happen.* You pray to God and you realize that sometimes your prayers are answered, and sometimes they aren’t – just as if you didn’t pray at all.* You hear about other religions and wonder why your religion is right and every other religion on the planet is wrong.* You have a real problem with the idea of all your non-Jesus-believing friends and family spending eternity in Hell.
In fact, the more you look around, the more you see a world absent of this perfect image of a perfect God.  As much as you want to avoid critical thinking and «just let go and have faith», you find that you cannot believe in something contrary to your logic and reason – no matter how much you want to.  This might lead to feelings of guilt, insincerity, and/or hypocrisy. Yet you just can’t imagine living life without God, and you don’t have to.When you start asking serious questions about God and religion, you begin to see through the stories of people living inside the stomachs of big fish, 900-year-old men, and bodies coming back to life after three days, and understand how man created God, and not the other way around. By daring to question «sacred» religion, challenging your childhood beliefs, and risking eternal damnation (okay, so there might be a minor side effect to reading this book), you will discover an appreciation for religion on a new level, as well as a renewed appreciation for the human race.Through a unique blend of science, philosophy, theology, and a touch of humor, you will see how you can trust your logic and reason, be true to yourself, and embrace God – not as a being, but as a concept – The Concept.

Acerca de Bo Bennett

In Images of America: Lexington, Bo Bennett has compiled an entertaining and educational journey into the past from the collections of local residents and the Davidson County Historical Museum. Bo is a paralegal, author, and researcher. She was the coauthor of Images of America: Rehoboth Beach, Chincoteague and Assateague, and Wallops Island with Dr. Nan DeVincent Hayes and researcher for Images of America: Ocean City Volume I and Volume II. In her spare time, Bo enjoys riding horses on her farm with her son, Stephen, and her husband, Tim.

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