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Homebrew Churches por Robert Thornton Henderson

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Homebrew Churches por 
                        Robert Thornton Henderson

Homebrew Churches por Robert Thornton Henderson

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El autor de este libro es

Robert Thornton Henderson



With the continual appearance of evidence that the emerging generation (the iGens) is not at all enamored of institutional churches, and is ignoring or forsaking them, it seemed a good time to take a step back, take a deep breath, and take a fresh look at what the church was intended to be and do in the New Testament document. The author spells out the landscape and reviews the profile of recent generations, and then sets about to set forth the church as the communal component of God’s new creation in Christ. He engages in some challenges to the traditional understanding of the church, but sets forth a lively proposal in which every participant becomes interactive with the others, hence small fellowships. The younger iGens are into relationships, not institutions. This book portrays the church in relational terms, i.e., a church delivered from captivity to institutions and church professionals, hence a book that is controversial and perhaps a bit «cheeky» . . . but constructively challenging. The title is somewhat highjacked from the phenomenon known as the homebrew computer club, which is made up of six early computer scientists from whose creativity and relationship emerged much of the present computer and internet age.

Acerca de Robert Thornton Henderson

Robert Thornton Henderson has been a prophetic pastoral voice in the church for over sixty years, and is the author of several books spelling out various challenges. He is a veteran pastor and denominational leader in the Presbyterian Church. He has always had, and continues to have, fruitful dialogue with the emerging generations. He is widowed and lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

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Wipf and Stock Publishers 2018

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