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Life on the Edge por Brother John of Taize

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Life on the Edge por 
                        Brother John of Taize

Life on the Edge por Brother John of Taize

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El autor de este libro es

Brother John of Taize



Is the Christian faith something that can peacefully exist alongside all the other aspects of an ordinary human life, or does it by its very nature turn that life into something else? The author of this book, a member of a monastic community for over forty years, obviously has a vested interest in the answer. But even for believers caught up in the day-to-day life of society, work, and family, the question is an important one, at least if they are seeking a measure of consistency in the life they are living. And does not the very fact that the question of the importance and urgency of faith needs to be asked witness to the eclipse of an eschatological outlook among Christians, at any rate in the mainstream Churches? Could this oversight not explain why an eschatological understanding of faith, one which sees it as a radical, world-changing reality, has been forced to take refuge, often deformed to the point of being unrecognizable, in small «fanatical» groups on the margins of the Christian world?

Acerca de Brother John of Taize

Brother John of Taize is the author of several books in English and French, including most recently A Multitude of Friends: Reimagining the Christian Church in an Age of Globalization (2011), I Am the Beginning and the End: Creation Stories and Visions of Fulfilment in the Bible (2007), and Reading the Ten Commandments Anew: Towards a Land of Freedom (2004).

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