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Names for Jesus por Mark G. Boyer

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Names for Jesus por 
                        Mark G. Boyer

Names for Jesus por Mark G. Boyer

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El autor de este libro es

Mark G. Boyer



There are multiple names given to Jesus in the Bible. Fifty of them are presented in this book, Names for Jesus. In the ancient world, a name had a meaning; in this book’s entries one can discover the meaning of a name for Jesus, which often indicates one of his functions as understood by a biblical author.Often, both religious and spiritual people look for some reading material that will guide them through the Advent and Christmas seasons. Here is an ecumenical approach; this book is general enough for any Christian.Each of the entries consists of five parts: 1) the name; 2) a short quotation from Scripture, which contains the name given in the title; 3) a reflection exploring the meaning of the name; 4) a journal/meditation section to help the reader make connections between the reflection and his or her own life; and 5) a short prayer.Anyone can finish the spiritual journey of Advent and Christmas enriched for having spent time with Names for Jesus.

Acerca de Mark G. Boyer

Mark G. Boyer has been writing books on biblical, liturgical, and devotional spirituality for thirty years. He has written sixty spirituality-based volumes that prompt the reader to recognize the divine in everyday life. This is his twentieth Wipf & Stock title, his second book with Ver Miller, and his first book with Cole.Corbin S. Cole, a student at Missouri State University, majoring in Religious Studies, has led worship since he was sixteen years old. Currently, he serves as the director of contemporary worship at King’s Way United Methodist Church, Springfield, Missouri, where he fosters spiritual growth by teaching awareness, personal experience with the divine, and music. This is his first book with Wipf & Stock.Matthew S. Ver Miller, a psychologist and life coach, specializes in personal and relational growth and development. He enjoys a focus on spirituality and spiritual formation in his professional practice and role as a university instructor. He lives in Colorado with his wife and four children. This is his second Wipf & Stock title with Boyer.

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