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Notjohn’s Guide to E-Book Formatting por N.J. Notjohn

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Notjohn’s Guide to E-Book Formatting por 
                        N.J. Notjohn

Notjohn’s Guide to E-Book Formatting por N.J. Notjohn

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El autor de este libro es

N.J. Notjohn



The self-publisher’s bible! In this clear and entertaining ten-step guide, a prolific American author reveals how he formats his books for sale throughout the world. The secret, he explains, is to use the universal «epub» format to create a single e-book file that will be accepted by every digital retailer, from through Barnes & Noble, the Apple iBookstore, and smaller booksellers like the Canada-based Kobo.»Most beginners write their books in Word or Open Office,» he explains, «and they expect the same document to convert easily to an e-book and a paperback. Sometimes that happens, but more often it doesn’t, because word processors litter the book file with hidden formatting. The result can be a disaster.»Instead, the book should be converted to clean HTML, the markup language used to create a web page. (All e-books are web pages at heart, and the Kindle and other e-book readers are just special-purpose web browsers.) The conversion takes seconds and costs nothing. It can then be plugged into a simple template that «Notjohn» includes in this Guide and makes available on his blog for anyone to use.If all else fails, there’s Plan B: a stripped-down template for books that consists mostly of text. He concludes with a chapter on how best to present your e-book on the Kindle platform, with hints on encrypting the book, copyrighting it, and pricing it for the greatest return.Revised and updated 2018 edition, with a new chapter on adapting the e-book to a paperback.

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Enjay Press 2017

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