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Project Holiness por Julie Donovan Massey

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Project Holiness por 
                        Julie Donovan Massey

Project Holiness por Julie Donovan Massey

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El autor de este libro es

Julie Donovan Massey



Project Holiness: Marriage as a Workshop for Everyday Saints celebrates the holiness of the ordinary and the goodness of married discipleship. Vatican II’s Lumen Gentium reminds Catholics of the universal call to holiness. Each person—lay and ordained alike—shares this vocation to holiness, this call to sainthood. For most adult Catholics, it is within the context of vowed, married life that the joyful and challenging path to sainthood is traveled. Based on an extensive qualitative study of long-lasting Catholic marriages, Bridget Burke Ravizza and Julie Donovan Massey examine the virtues, values, and practices that ground flourishing marriages and lead married partners to holiness.

Acerca de Julie Donovan Massey

Julie Donovan Massey is Associate Vice President for Mission & Student Affairs at St. Norbert College.

Acerca de Bridget Burke Ravizza

Bridget Burke Ravizza is associate professor of theology and religious studies at St. Norbert College, De Pere, Wisconsin. She is a contributor to Women, Wisdom, and Witness: Engaging Contexts in Conversation, edited by Kathleen J. Dolphin and Rosemary P. Carbine and published by Liturgical Press.

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Liturgical Press 2015

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