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Reverberating Word por Michael Denham

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Reverberating Word por 
                        Michael Denham

Reverberating Word por Michael Denham

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El autor de este libro es

Michael Denham



Like sounds of beautiful music, worship can renew us for God’s glory and our good by the invigorating power of God’s reverberating Word. It is God’s story that redeems all our stories. We want to tell it again and again as best we can, clearly conveying its message, meaning, richness, claim, and call. Through its every facet and component, worship that is biblically expositional can heighten how we proclaim God’s story, faithfully and creatively pointing to the One who alone offers us true identity, security, and destiny. «If you seek me you will find me, if you search with all your heart,» declares the Lord. With the ancient prophets and apostles we must repeat and repeat and repeat the most wonderful truth that God wants to be found. In Christian worship such tremendous and tender encounter is available to us as nowhere else.

Acerca de Michael Denham

Michael Denham has served twenty-one years as Director of Music Ministries at The National Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC, where he helps shape worship to draw deep meaning and powerful experience from Scripture. A graduate of Wheaton College, he also studied at the University of Illinois, Dallas Theological Seminary, the Hochschule «Mozarteum» in Salzburg, Austria, the University of North Texas College of Music, and Beeson Divinity School of Samford University.

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Wipf and Stock Publishers 2018

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