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Scavenger Hunt por Stephen Goldin

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Scavenger Hunt por 
                        Stephen Goldin

Scavenger Hunt por Stephen Goldin

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El autor de este libro es

Stephen Goldin



A sexy, exciting interstellar romp.The idle rich of galactic Society had little to do that was productive, so they loved to invent useless little games to keep themselves occupied–and the greatest was the Scavenger Hunt, held only once every 20 years. Visit different worlds, pick up hard-to-get items that can’t simply be bought, and have a fine time. A clever way to pass empty hours.Tyla deVrie and her twin brother, Bred, follow the family tradition of entering the Scavenger Hunt. Their parents died during the last Hunt 20 years ago, and they mean to regain the family honor. But as they hop from planet to planet aboard Bred’s decadent space yacht with its all-woman crew, fate seems to be making the Scavenger Hunt far more than just a game. It will irrevocably change their lives–that is, if it doesn’t end them first.

Acerca de Stephen Goldin

Stephen Goldin (1947 – )
Stephen Charles Goldin began publishing science fiction with ‘The Girls on USSF 193’ for If in 1965. He has written a number of novels and received a Nebula nomination for his short fiction, but is best known for writing the Family D’Alembert sequence, based on a story by E. E. ‘Doc’ Smith. He lives in California.

Datos del libro
Stephen Goldin 2016

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