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Speed Reading por MARK EVAN NATHAN

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Speed Reading por 
                        MARK EVAN NATHAN

Speed Reading por MARK EVAN NATHAN

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People read less and less these days, in fact, some believe that reading isn’t that important. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We use reading more than we realize. From the minute we open our emails in the morning to wasting time on Facebook while at work. We read pamphlets, articles, on-line material together with the news, and most people love to read books. How fast we read, and even more importantly, how well comprehend the materials that we read is an important fact to consider.Speed-reading is usually misunderstood. We often believe that it would require some type of supernatural talent to speed-read. Others believe that you will miss out on important information if you read too fast.As you’ll see, speed-reading requires more than just bouncing your eyes on a sheet of paper only for the sake of «reading». Speed-reading is often extraordinarily helpful once you’ve learned to do it the correct way and what this book aims to do: To teach you the way to read faster and comprehend better with techniques that truly work.If you’re attempting to find a miracle book that may teach you to review books quicker, a way to get through your business papers fasters, or a way to scan Tolstoy’s, «War and Peace» in two hours because you’ve got a test tomorrow morning, this is not the book for you.This is a book that will give you all the tools you need to bring the art of speed reading into your hands, so that you can use these techniques for the rest of your life. Keep in mind that whether or not you choose to apply these techniques, and apply the recommendations is entirely up to you. This ability, if achieved, can truly enrich your life.We will begin with the explanations as to why speed-reading is extraordinarily useful in your life, and you’ll be told why your motivation to learning to read faster is important. We’ll proceed by showing you the way to assess yourself, a way to spot the things that hinder you from reading faster so that you can improve yourself in all areas. Last, however not least, we’ll show you some tips that may help you determine what books and reading materials are perfect for speed reading (because not everything should to be read fast).By the end of this book, you’ll hold the tools that will make you an excellent reader from a perspective that you’ll increase your reading speed and more of your reading you’ll comprehend.Congratulations! You’ve just made an important step in becoming an excellent reader as well! By increasing the number of books and materials you read will cause you to grow and will increase your reading potential. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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Mark Nathan 2020

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