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Textiles and Costume Design por Evelyn Peters Ellsworth

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Textiles and Costume Design por 
                        Evelyn Peters Ellsworth

Textiles and Costume Design por Evelyn Peters Ellsworth

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El autor de este libro es

Evelyn Peters Ellsworth


Indeed, ermine is a striking example of a misused accessory in a costume. It is fascinating, because it conjures up visions of royal personages, knights and ladies. The laws of the Middle Ages (edward III) required that it be worn only by nobles, and to-day in Europe ermine is worn on state robes; the rank and position of the wearer is in many cases indicated by its presence or absence and the disposition of the black spots, and when worn in crowns or coronets it is a recognition of heraldry. Therefore, at all times it should be reserved for state occasions or worn for mally with certain royally textured and dignified clothes and fabrics, just as velvets and satins are reserved for formal gowns and not for kitchen or garden work, just as large velvet hats are not worn in the morning with workaday clothes or short skirts, and just as royally plumed, large velvet hats are suited only to formal afternoon or evening gowns of velvet or satin. Much might be written upon this subject of good taste and imagination in the wearing of clothes.

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Forgotten Books 2017

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