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The Photo-Miniature por John A. Tennant

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The Photo-Miniature por 
                        John A. Tennant

The Photo-Miniature por John A. Tennant

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El autor de este libro es

John A. Tennant


First, it is usual to finish enlargements upon an easel, inclined at an angle of some seventy-five or more degrees. The worker may either sit or stand before the easel, as he. Prefers, with the eyes at a considerable distance from the enlargement, which working distance will vary according to the size of the enlargement, say from fif teen inches to arm’s length. If one works too close to the enlarged print, he will give too much attention to niggling detail, and the portrait will probably have a dirty and patchy appearance. By working as far as may be convenient from the print, the student will acquire that free, easy touch which gives what is called a broad treatment, as seen in the work of skilled finishers. The working attitude or position should be easy and unconstrained, for freedom of position gives freedom and latitude of stroke or touch; while a constrained, cramped, Or stoop-shouldered position makes for failure and poor work. The left hand should hold the palette (if brush and color-work is in hand) and the mahlstick (fig. I), to steady the right hand and keep it from resting on or touching the surface of the portrait.

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Forgotten Books 2017

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