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The Teacher’s Handbook of Slöjd por Otto Salomon

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The Teacher’s Handbook of Slöjd por 
                        Otto Salomon

The Teacher’s Handbook of Slöjd por Otto Salomon

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El autor de este libro es

Otto Salomon



The perfect introduction to woodworking and handycrafts for young and old alike this book details how to teach and practice Slöjd (or Sloyd), the Swedish method of handicraft education.<br><br>This course is unusual in that it starts with use of the knife. This is not done in any modern school course for safety reasons, and if you are concerned about safety it can be swapped out for a chisel in most cases. As is discussed in the book the knife is used as it is more familiar to children than the chisel, reducing the number of concepts to grasp at the start. Another great feature of this course is that it is designed to create useful objects from the start, allowing the student to feel enthused and practical straight away.<br><br>There are chapters describing the details of Sloyd pedegogy, the tools and how to use them and the features and properties of wood, as well as the exercises in woodworking themselves, where the illustrations have been reproduced in great detail.<br><br>This book will be a valuable aid for anyone wanting to teach either themselves or others woodworking in this tried and tested Scandinavian teaching style.

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