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Your HomeMade Hand Sanitizer por Susan Wilson

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Your HomeMade Hand Sanitizer  por 
                        Susan Wilson

Your HomeMade Hand Sanitizer por Susan Wilson

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Susan Wilson



– Do you know best way to stay healthy is to keep your hands clean- Are you looking for hand sanitizer, but can’t find any in stores? or seeing a long que at the store- Or maybe you’ve happened to come across some for sale online, but the prices are ridiculous?Through this guide You can make your own homemade Sanitizer with the most easy and common ingredients everyone has at home!Whatever needing just enough for your own personal use or enough for family and friends, this book is what you need.Our hands are daily contaminated with bacteria and germs as we use them to work, to do shopping.. almost everything!They’re not only our first «business card,» but also our first physical contact, both at work both in our private Life. Doing our daily duties, it is not easy to always wash ourhands regularly, but it’s now paramount to do it to preserve our and others’ health.Inside you wil discover:All About Hand SanitizersThe Effects of Not Washing Your Hands CorrectlySafety Concerns of Hand SanitizersEffectiveness of Hand SanitizersHomemade Hand Sanitizer RecipesWorld Health Organization (WHO) recipe for creating alcohol-based hand rub and sanitizerHow to Make Aloe GelCorrect Hand Washing TechniqueTips On Using Hand Sanitizer More EffectivelyAnd Much More…We still need a sure, quick, and convenient way of keeping clean hands by using hand sanitizers.

Acerca de Susan Wilson

From the time I was a little girl, the word «writer» held a special significance to me. I loved the word. I loved the idea of making up stories. When I was about twelve, I bought a used Olivetti manual typewriter from a little hole in the wall office machine place in Middletown, CT called Peter’s Typewriters. It weighed about twenty pounds and was probably thirty years old. I pounded out the worst kind of adolescent drivel, imposing my imaginary self on television heroes of the time: Bonanza, Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Star Trek.Those are my earliest memories of my secret life of writing. For reasons I cannot really fathom, I never pursued writing as a vocation. Although I majored in English, I didn’t focus on writing and it wasn’t really until I was first married that I hauled out my old Olivetti and began to thump away at my first novel. This was, as I recall, an amorphous thinly plotted excercise in putting sentences together and has mercifully disappeared in some move or another. I didn’t try anything more adventurous than some short stories and a lot of newsletters for various things I belonged to until we moved to Martha’s Vineyard and I bought my first computer. My little «Collegiate 2» IBM computer was about as advanced as the Olivetti was in its heyday but it got me writing again and this time with some inner determination that I was going to succeed at this avocation. I tapped out two novels on this machine with its fussy little printer. Like the first one, these were wonderful absorbing exercises in learning how to write.What happened then is the stuff of day time soap opera. Writing is a highly personal activity and for all of my life I’d kept it secret from everyone but my husband, who, at the time, called what I did nights after the kids went to bed, my «typing.» Until, quite by accident, I discovered that here on the Vineyard nearly everyone has some avocation in the arts. Much to my delight, I discovered a fellow closet-writer in the mom of my kids’ best friends. For the very first time in my life I could share the struggle with another person. I know now that writers’ groups are a dime a dozen and I highly recommend the experience, but with my friend Carole, a serendipitious introduction to a «real writer», Holly Nadler, resulted in my association with my agent. Holly read a bit of my «novel» and liked what she read, suggested I might use her name and write to her former agent. I did and the rest, as they say, is history.Not that it was an overnight success. The novel I’d shown Holly never even got sent to Andrea. But a third, shorter, more evolved work was what eventually grew into Beauty with the guidance of Andrea and her associates at the Jane Rotrosen Agency.The moral of the story: keep at it. Keep writing the bad novels to learn how to write the good ones. And, yes, it does help to know someone. Andrea might have liked my work, but the path was oiled by the introduction Holly Nadler provided.Hawke’s Cove is my second published novel, although there is a «second» second novel in a drawer, keeping good company with the other «first» novels.

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Mark Nathan 2020

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