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Alzheimer’s Disease I por Juan Moises de la Serna

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Alzheimer’s Disease I por 
                        Juan Moises de la Serna

Alzheimer’s Disease I por Juan Moises de la Serna

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El autor de este libro es

Juan Moises de la Serna



What is it, what are its causes, what consequences does it entail? Discover all the answers to Alzheimer’s disease.Alzheimer’s is a disease that has increased in terms of the number of cases affected in recent years, which in turn has caused many questions to arise when a person or a family member receives the diagnosis, such as, what  Alzheimer’s is, what its origin is, if there is a treatment, how the disease evolves, what the consequences in everyday life are, what the psychological effects on the patient are, if it can be overcome, if it is transmitted to children.This opens up a whole collection of issues to deal with in order to calm the uncertainty felt when getting to know that one suffers from a disease that is increasingly «common» and widespread, and of which little is known about the latest scientific advances in this area, due in large part to the  complexity of the technical language used, but also because these advances usually reach only specialists through meetings and congresses where this type of information is shared.

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