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Billionaire Protector por Nikki Chase

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Billionaire Protector por 
                        Nikki Chase

Billionaire Protector por Nikki Chase

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El autor de este libro es

Nikki Chase



When a billionaire makes you a once-in-a-lifetime offer, you don’t say no.Especially when he’s this painfully handsome.Not even when you know he’s trouble…Designer suit. Luxury car. Expensive watch. Seth Wayne blends in well…But something dangerous is lurking beneath his sleek exterior.Or maybe that’s just an excuse I make up because I’m dying to see what he’s packing underneath that suit. Can you blame me, though? He’s hotter than the spiciest chili in my pantry.I try to keep things professional.Until he asks me to be his personal chef.He promises me more money than I’ve ever made and free creative reign. I can come up with any menu I want and use the best equipment and ingredients money can buy.The only catch?I’ll have to live in his mansion outside the city.It sounds too good to be true…Then again, what’s the worst that can happen… right?

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Nikki Chase 2019

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