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Dramatizing of Theology por Matthew S. Farlow

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Dramatizing of Theology por 
                        Matthew S. Farlow

Dramatizing of Theology por Matthew S. Farlow

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El autor de este libro es

Matthew S. Farlow



Matthew Farlow traces the thoughts of Balthasar and Barth so as to enter into theological truth of God’s Being-in-Act. This exploration embarks on a journey into the reality of our Triune God who has engaged his creation so as to elicit fellow actors. God seeking out humanity is God with us, a truth that not only informs our theological endeavors, but invites us into the dramatic performance of reconciliation. As Farlow illumines, God is an acting God who seeks fellow participants in his ongoing drama of salvation. Through the dramatizing of theology, the church and her theologians come to realize God’s threefold movement–revelation, invitation and reconciliation. It is a unified act that startles humanity, and thus theology, out of its «spectator’s seat,» so as to drag it onto the world’s stage. As Farlow discusses, it is through the dramatizing of theology that we find ourselves best equipped to participate faithfully in the role of a lifetime.

Acerca de Matthew S. Farlow

Matthew Farlow is a lecturer of Theology and Christian Praxis at William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA, while also the Book Review Editor for Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the Theology of Culture.

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Wipf and Stock Publishers 2017

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