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Farmers Market Cookbook por Julia Shanks

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Farmers Market Cookbook por 
                        Julia Shanks

Farmers Market Cookbook por Julia Shanks

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El autor de este libro es

Julia Shanks



Authors are chefs and organic farmers who grow and eat artisanal foods. Written for farmers market customers who are busy and may not have time to make complicated meals. Recipes are straightforward and follow the classic Italian tradition of using a few outstanding ingredients, simply prepared. Designed to help you navigate newly discovered foods available at farmers markets. Explains how to choose truly ripe fruit and vegetables and how to best store them.

Acerca de Julia Shanks

Julia Shanks works with food and agricultural entrepreneurs to achieve financial and operational sustainability. In her tiny, urban garden in Cambridge, MA, Julia harvests vegetables seven months out of the year. Together with Brett Grohsgal, she is also coauthor of The Farmers Market Cookbook.

Acerca de Brett Grohsgal

Brett Grohsgal worked as everything from line cook to executive chef while developing and sharing his appreciation for artisanal, seasonal foods. Now he runs Even’ Star Organic Farm, growing and harvesting crops year-round for restaurants, grocery stores, universities, farmers markets, and the farm’s own successful CSA.

Datos del libro
New Society Publishers 2016

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