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Jayne In Heat por Holden Ram

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Jayne In Heat por 
                        Holden Ram

Jayne In Heat por Holden Ram

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Holden Ram



Derek is shocked when his beautiful, red-haired wife Jayne wants to become a hotwife. He wants to keep her happy, so they go to special resort with their good friends, Ellen and Greg. Derek knows he’s fairly well-endowed but the guys at this resort are huge. He worries as he watches Jayne take one big dude after another and she refuses to say she won’t leave him for a bigger man.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~»Ellen and Greg had this experience they really liked. She told me about it last month when we went out to lunch. You should have seen her, she was so excited.» «Last month? Okay, I’m following you so far.»»I need to work my way up to this. I’m feeling naive all over again. Okay, here goes, before I chicken out.»»I’m listening.»»They went to this adult resort, clothing optional.» She spoke fast, definitely a little nervous.»This is just me, you know. You can say anything to me.»»This place is very open to sexual activity. I mean, you know, out in the open if people want. On the beach, by the pool, whatever. It’s off the coast of Florida, a great climate.»»I’ve heard of places like that. Ellen and Greg went, huh?» I couldn’t believe Jayne was actually interested in going to such a place, so I kept my voice calm to reassure her and find out what she really wanted.»Uh, this one specializes in a certain kind of activity. No one has to do anything, of course, but it’s known for this.»»For what?»She took in a deep breath and let it out, raising and lowering her chest again. «Ellen said sometimes men have to persuade their wives and girlfriends to go to places with alternate lifestyles. But this is a place where certain women often do the deciding.»»I’m sleepy. Please get to the point.»She lowered those deep blue eyes before she spoke. «Ellen told me Greg has a little thing. And Ellen wanted more in life.»That woke me up. In all of our married life, she had never said a word about another guy’s equipment in my hearing. «So they entered the swinging lifestyle?»»Ellen told me it’s a branch of swinging. She’s a hotwife. Do you know what that is?»I had heard the term, but now I wanted Jayne to keep talking. «So they went to this resort and traded partners?»»That’s not how it works. Ellen requires that Greg stays faithful to her, but she got serviced, if you know what I mean. By lots of guys. Greg watched in every case. Ellen loved it.» Her hands were fidgeting. «Apparently Greg did, too.»»I’ve heard of this, but I never paid much attention before. That’s so one-sided. That’s not exactly fair, is it?»»Derek, I want to go. Same place, same rules.» She sounded more certain now.The room seemed to tilt, I was so surprised. «Haven’t I taken good care of you?»

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Boruma Publishing 2020

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