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Normal Hermeneutic por Clay Nuttall

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Normal Hermeneutic por 
                        Clay Nuttall

Normal Hermeneutic por Clay Nuttall

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El autor de este libro es

Clay Nuttall



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Acerca de Clay Nuttall

Clay Nuttall has served in the ministry for over fifty-seven years. Thirty-seven of those years were in the pastorate and in education at various levels for the majority of ministry. He and his wife, Ruth served as missionaries, for seventeen years, with Baptist Equipping Nationals in the formal training of nationals in the Middle East. They have five children and Ruth resides in North Carolina. Dr. Nuttall went home to be with the Lord shortly after finishing this book.Dr. Nuttall earned his B.R.E. from Piedmont Bible College, his M.R.E. degree from Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary and his D.Min. from Luther Rice Seminary. He has served as professor of Theology, Apologetics and Hermeneutics, Undergraduate Dean, Graduate Dean, Vice President of Academics and President of the National Theological College and Graduate School.He is the author of numerous articles, a monthly journal «The Shepherds Staff», the book The Coming Conflict, The Separation of Church and State, and The Weeping Church, confronting the crisis of church polity.

Acerca de Hani Hanna

Hani Hanna serves as the Interim Dean of the undergraduate program of NTCGS, and dedicated professor in both graduate and undergraduate programs. He and his wife have two sons. They live in Cairo, Egypt and they served for three years as missionaries in some Arab countries.Hani earned his M.M. from Piedmont and his M.B.S. from NTCGS. He is a ThD candidate in NTCGS.

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Faithful Life Publishers 2018

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