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One Step at a Time por Elmer & Eileen Lehman

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One Step at a Time por 
                        Elmer & Eileen Lehman

One Step at a Time por Elmer & Eileen Lehman

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El autor de este libro es

Elmer & Eileen Lehman



One Step at a Time shows readers how God has a way of throwing responsibilities at people that are far too big for them, but never too big for him. Elmer and Eileen Lehman’s story describes how God took two quite ordinary people and led them on a missionary pilgrimage for more than sixty years of marriage. God’s path led them from a rural farm in northern New York State to a children’s home in Puerto Rico, then to academic study in Virginia followed by twenty-two years in Costa Rica, and then further study in Virginia, culminating with a ministry of teaching, Missions administration, church planting, and retirement in Ohio. One Step at a Time includes eight key lessons they learned along the way that speak to others’ journeys as well. Their prayer is that others would be encouraged to step out and respond to God’s call upon their lives and risk their future for Him.

Acerca de Elmer & Eileen Lehman

Elmer and Eileen Lehman are both Mennonites and were raised in Christian homes on dairy farms in northern New York State. They write out of their experiences in a children’s home in Puerto Rico, academic preparation in Virginia, twenty-two years as Mennonite missionaries in Costa Rica, graduate study in Virginia, and teaching and church planting in Ohio. They continue to live in a suburb of Columbus Ohio and to be involved in two churches they helped plant there, one in English and one in Spanish.

Datos del libro
Morgan James Publishing 2018

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