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Woodwork Joints por William Fairham

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Woodwork Joints por 
                        William Fairham

Woodwork Joints por William Fairham

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El autor de este libro es

William Fairham



Woodwork Joints contains a thorough explanation of a great number of carpentry joints. More than simply describing them however it goes into detail about the whens and whys of using the various connections and the pros and cons of each, as well as showing their place in history. Even better it describes them simply enough that anyone can understand even the most complicated of joints without being a professional woodworker, without sacrificing any accuracy.<br><br>William Fairham’s book is essential reading for any woodworker, especially those working by hand. With careful reading and practice it will leave you a master of this aspect of the craft. It even contains a section on puzzles which will provide great practice on the other techniques.

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Forgotten Books 2017

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